Paint Protection System


The Final Finish Paint Protection Package is designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s paintwork, to maximise the longevity of your new car look. Its main function is to provide a clear protective coating over the vehicle’s original paintwork to keep it blemish-free, in pristine condition.
If your vehicle is older than three months, we must ensure that it is in its best possible condition prior to application of our paint protection products. Therefore, our consultants will recommend a suitable detailing package for your vehicle to be undertaken prior to the paint protection process.

Our team of specialists at Final Finish only use the best quality, cutting edge products and application methods on your vehicle. Our car detailing team members are well trained in the Final Finish proprietary methods of applying the worlds best products to ensure you receive the best possible results.


  • Scientifically proven as the benchmark for long term gloss and colour stability.
  • Assists in the prevention of environmental damage to paintwork from UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, salt water and airbourne pollutants.
  • Provides extreme durability and adds an additional layer of shine to the vehicle, retaining gloss and shine for much longer compared to average industry grade products
  • Improves washability and reduces the ongoing requirement for exterior paintwork maintenance.
  • Crystal hard coating increases resistance to incidental scuffs, scratches and grime build-up.


Standard Ceramic Coating 3 year warranty $690
GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light 5 year warranty $990
GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra 9 year warranty $1490
GTECHNIQ Exo V3 $500
Premium Interior Protection $300
Wheel protection $200
Plastic & rubber Protection $150

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